Sunday Long Run Aug 28


Our Sunday Long Run is in Mililani.

Meet us 6:30 at the Mililani Town Center Starbucks parking lot.

Car pool 6 am from Ala Moana Beach Park/ the Magic Island parking lot near the restrooms and lifeguard tower 1E.

** Please plan to arrive at the carpool or Mililiani parking lot locations 10-15 minutes early… so, we can leave on time.
* Recommend bringing your own water source as water points may not be guaranteed.
Also bring calories in the form of gels, bars, or your preference
Let’s practice staying hydrated and taking in calories… so, our stomachs and bodies get used to it for the longer runs coming up.
That being said… if you are not training for the marathon – you are welcome to join us for a shorter distance. Just do an out and back that fits your own personal training schedule.
It will be a fun run in a different location.
Thanks to Racquel for setting this one up. 

Route guidance:
Meet up at MililaniTown Center Starbucks parking lot. 

From there, our route will be from the library and right onto Meheulua Parkway towards Mililani Mauka area.

Pass H2 freeway overpass (be careful when you cross as not cautious drivers tend to exit fast here. 🚗

After 2 big crosswalks, we will jog towards a Ravine Park on the right (passing through a paved walkway. At the end of the pathway, you need to cross the street & run to another paved walkway. 

The path will lead to Lehiwa Drive
*water point on the right at Mauka community park

-Continue left on Lehiwa Drive 
-Cross the intersection street & continue running
– The street will be renamed to Meheu Street and then turn left onto Koolani.
This is gradual down hill. 
This route will eventually take you back to Meheula  Parkway. 
– Turn right from there & run towards MililaniTown (you’ll be on the opposite side of the road from where you started)
-Continue on Meheula Parkway-Pass Mililani High School & later pass Safeway-Cross the intersection of Kamehameha 99
-Continue on Meheula Parkway until you reach a dead end.
-Turn left onto Lanikuhana Ave-Follow Lanikuhana Ave where you will pass Mililani District Park (*water point)
-Continue on Lanikuhana Ave & cross the intersection of Kamehameha 99
-This will be a gradual incline for about 0.5 miles-You will see Walmart on the left of you. -Stay on path until you reach Meheula Parkway & turn left.
-This is home stretch. Continue back to library & run into the parking lot of where you started.
-This route is approximately 10 miles.

* To add mileage, add a loop around the residential area of the MililaniTown Center which will make it to 11 miles. 👍

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