Sunday Long Run Aug 21


This Sunday we will be doing our Long Run at a requested location, that’s long overdue.

Meet us 6 am at the Kapiolani Park bandstand. Plenty of free parking in the Kapiolani Park/ Waikiki Shell parking lot.

Please bring some water and calories with you. Practice taking in calories every 20 minutes with a goal of 300 per hour.

It can be in the form of calorie drinks, gels, bars, rice balls, or whatever you prefer. Now is the time to experiment and see what works best for you.

And, bring something for afterwards. We can refuel and rehydrate after the run. And, the beach is nearby. Perfect for cooling off.

Distances (round trip)

3.2 miles – Kapahulu and H1:

Map link for 2nd part:

5.5 miles – H1 to Waialae and Wilhelmina Rise

7.7 miles – To the top of Wilhelmina Rise and return back down the same way

– or –

8.8 miles – return back down Sierra Drive

Extra credit

12 miles – 2nd loop is up Sierra and back down Wilhelmina Rise

Questions?? Call or text Coach Kawika 808-462-1313

Future Marathon Training – Sunday Long Run Schedule:

Kapiolani Park 5K every Saturday 7 am at the bandstand.**NEW** Alternate Saturday morning run – Scenic 10K “hill” run in Manoa Valley.Meet 7:30 am at the Intersection of Hunnewell St. and Kamehameha Ave.Street parking near President’s house: map:

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