Hawaii Kai Ultra Run

2019 Hawaii Kai Ultra Run – Kalama Valley Results
Congratulations to finishers of this years event, from 10K to 100 Miles
Caillin Heron

Half Marathon
Jennifer Lane  2:25
** Meghan-Tomasita Cosgriff-Hernandez  x 2 days (2:52, 3:02) 
Anthony Miller
Zachary Brishabel  1:56

Ryan Fleener  2:56
Justin Hash  2:17
Chaz Johnson  1:58
Joseph Joanel  2:04
Blayne Mills  2:25
Ismael Gallegos  2:14
Verena Mellein 3:15
Mark Afuso
Hector Jimenez  1:56
Kerstyn Afuso  2:16
Josiah Williams  1:35
Wyatt Miller  1:43
Rob Pratt  2:45
Nathan Pratt  2:45
Gina LaMountain  2:52
Khounthany Montry  2:57
Sou Saechao  2:57
Libby Furns  2:15
Jack Cummins  1:58
Silvia Jager-Lo  3:05
Matt Ellis  2:01
Bonnie Tulk  2:24
Danuta Piatek  2:21
Chawika Pisitsak 3:16
Tharathorn Durongbhandhu  3:16
Sharon Martin  4:01
Terry Lin  3:06
Michelle Lin  3:06
Noboru Shimizu  4:54
Rumiko Shimizu  4:54

Satya Rani  30K  6:00
Marcus Norrish  3:00

Andrew Littlejohn  5:10
Stephanie Price  5:57
Eugene DeFronzo  10:49
Rudiger Ruckmann  6:00
Maximilian Aleniz  4:53
Denis Corrigan  5:51

Marc Linhardt  5:40

50 Miles
Reinaldo Delfi  15:34
Theresa Majeed  8:40

Chet “the Jet” Blanton

100 Miles
Michael Ortiz
Brian Garling
Nathan Weir


HKUR – XTreme
** JULY 18 & 19, 2020 ** KALAMA VALLEY PARK **

Register Now


HKUR – Kalama Valley
** December 19 & 20, 2020 ** KALAMA VALLEY PARK **

Registration Open Soon

Hawaii Kai Xtreme 2017
Challenge yourself with the longest run of your life – Whether it be a Half Marathon, 30K, Marathon, 50K, 50 Mile, 100K, or 100 Miles. You choose the distance.
The Hawaii Kai Ultra Run takes place semi-annually on the far east end of Oahu. This fun event is designed to challenge runners to take on new distances with the support and camaraderie of fellow runners. Official times are recorded for qualifying purposes for the 50 States Marathon Club, and Marathon Maniacs. There are no age group awards. It’s a personal challenge. Finisher certificate and customized award for all registered finishers.

In 2013 we had two events in Kalama Valley ~ July & December.  And, in 2014 and 2015,  one event in Kalama Valley. The XTreme course changed in 2017 to include Heartbreak Hill and a loop through Hawaii Kai, making it truly… XTreme!  We have continued twice a year since then.
In the future, a a third event will be added – a competitive RACE around Hawaii Kai Towne.


12321523_10208701222990288_8347910454209265408_nThe HKUR – XTreme date for 2020: July 18 and 19.
(Registration is open)

Choose your distance: Half Marathon, 30K, Marathon, 50K, 50 Miles, 100K, or 100 Miles. Choose your own start time: EARLY start option is available from 3AM on Saturday morning. Simply show up and sign in with your own start time at the start/finish tent. (Most people start between 3 and 7am on Sat. morning)

Other options include any time on Saturday afternoon or even Sunday morning.

Check-in at Kalama Valley Community Park (555 Kealahou St. Honolulu, 96825 – It’s approximately 13 miles and a 30 minute drive from Waikiki.)

The XTreme is a 9 mile loop with aid stations approximately 2.5 miles apart. Aid station locations are Kamiloiki Community Park on Hawaii Kai Dr. and Hawaii Kai Recreational Center on Pepeekeo St. You will first run towards Sandy Beach, then over Heartbreak Hill, with a loop in the back of Hawaii Kai in the middle, followed by a return trip over Heartbreak Hill.

See course map here

————————————————————————————————————Hawaii Kai Ultra Run 2017

The HKUR – Kalama Valley

took place this year on December 14th and 15th, 2019. (One week after the Honolulu Marathon.)
The date in 2020 is December 19 & 20.

Register Opens Soon

Start times are flexible either day.

Check in at Kalama Valley Park – Hawaii Kai near Sandy Beach.

Choose your distance: Half Marathon, 30K, Marathon, 50K, 50 Miles, 100K, or 100 Miles. Choose your own start time: EARLY start option is available from 3AM on Saturday morning. Simply show up and sign in with your own start time at the start/finish tent. (Most people start between 3 and 7 am on Sat. morning)

Other options include any time on Saturday afternoon or even Sunday morning.

** Takes place near Sandy Beach in Hawaii Kai. A (start/finish/aid station) tent will be set up at Kalama Valley Park on Kealahou Street. Ice, drinks, and food will be provided. It is essentially in the middle of the course. You will first run an out and back towards the back of Kalama Valley, then another out and back towards the ocean, so there will be plenty of contact and support from other participants. Each full loop is 3.34 miles (3 loops is 10 miles). Course will not close until the last person finishes on Sunday night.

**Certificates and custom awards to all registered finishers. Random gift giveaways to all participants and volunteers from our generous sponsors. ** Note: This event is a Marathon Maniac, Half Fanatic, and 50 States Marathon Club qualifier and will count towards your totals. If combined with the Honolulu Marathon, you will qualify for the Marathon Maniacs.

Regular Entry is $30, with discounts available.

$25 additional for technical material race t-shirt. 

Run day entry: $40, extra shirts may be available for purchase.

For more information please email:
or text/call the RD, Kawika Carlson at 808-462-1313.


Gerry Lindgren stopped by to inspire runners, such as  50K finisher – Noelani Taylor.


Results from the 2018 Hawaii Kai Ultra Run – Kalama Valley on December 15 & 16, 2018

Congratulations to all finishers! And, Mahalo to the continued support from our sponsors: Phiten Hawaii with their body care goodie bags, and Hybrid Design for their excellent event shirts and fast service. Special recognition goes to Poppy Greer for finishing her 50th State Half Marathon. And, to Les Omura – who finished 2 Marathons in 2 Days for the second consecutive time at a HKUR event this year. There were first time finishers at nearly every distance. And, there was a LOT of experience out there on the course. These four runners combined for more than 3,650 marathons completed!  Henry Rueden, Eugene Bruckert, Eugene DeFronzo, and Jeffrey Vieyra. Simply inspiring!! Our youngest finisher – age 11, and oldest – 82.


Lorraine Coder

Lorelei Coder

Half Marathon

Poppy Greer

William Shakour

Earl Quon

Paula Imada

Sarah Wolff

Heather Hickman

Michelle Dronen

Levi Dronen

Peter Hill

Lupe Coons

Matt Steele

Michelle George
Kip George

Ronnie Vesperas

20 Miles
Treye Denton

Mark Meno

Julia Penczak

Kristin Shephard
Betsy Willing
Irene Singles
Eugene DeFronzo

Rudiger Ruckmann

Les Omura (x2)

Linda Takane

Bennett Ferguson

Rich Albano

* x2 – 2 marathons in two days
Derick Kato

Tracie BH

50 Mile
Jeffrey Vieyra

Eugene Bruckert

Henry Rueden

David Kelley

James David Ferguson

Nathan Weir


Results from the 2018 Hawaii Kai Ultra Run – XTreme

Mahalo to everyone participating in this years event.

There was a record turnout – 81, with runners (and walkers) finishing distances from a Half Marathon (13.1 miles) to 100 Miles! Yes, we’ve been waiting for someone to finish 100 Miles on this course for years now, and Blaine Lints came through big time, finishing in just under 21 hours! We also opened it up to back-to-back days with Les Omura and Ruth Modisette both finishing the Marathon x 2. The next HKUR event will be on December 15 & 16, 2018 in Kalama Valley, and again in July 2019 with the XTreme course.

We couldn’t do it without our sponsors. Mahalo!

Phiten Hawaii, GNC Ala Moana, Hybrid Design, and BMW of Honolulu.

Official Results:

Half Marathon

Jonathan Lin, James Tseng, Aaron Stiegler, Johnathan McDonald, Paul Mortensen, Suzanne Mortensen, Adam Mortensen, Ana Kukowski, Maybeth Anderson, Martin Callahan, Corie Dizol, Billy Dizol, Karlee Dizol, Chris Reneau, Rachelle Mentink, Jay Mentink, Amy M. Darmer, Mina Perry, Cody Perry, Jeff Crawford, Susan Crawford, Heather Ewing, Ruth Ewing, James Ewing, Sharon Gromling, Tom Gromling, Tyler Bak, Raphael Daniels, Hunter Johnson, Jonathan Kiernan, Kurt Shiraishi, Allie Doan, Kara Dubinsky, Rya Theriot, William J Jones, Emily Timms, Toshi Nomura, Mauricio Leon


Johan Alwall, Simon Brown, Arlene Allen, Vanessa Polifroni, Christian Aviles Lugo, James Chamberlain, Gerino L. Alvarez, Shelly Cooper, Joshua Chang, Trivikram Pujar


Les Omura x2 (4:59, 5:53), Ruth Modisette x2 (6:19, 6:33), David McManama (3:56), Jacqueline Evans (5:03), John Foronda (5:46), Linda Takane (6:56), Elizabeth Cobo (4:45), Simon Zhang (2:34), Paul Bliudzius (6:23), Rüdiger Rückmann (5:40), Langdon Chapman (6:11), Allison Chapman (6:11), Eric Gerken (4:48)

* (x2) two marathons in two days


Wendi Lau, Blair Scheib, Julie Fernandes, Patricia Lee, Daniel E. Kawamoto, Jeff Bryan, Thomas Brown, Trevor Lynn, Solange Saxby, Nathan Saxby, Robert Poehlmann

50 Miles

Jazz Pascua, John Gorne


Andy Hignite

100 Miles

Blaine Lints



Results from the 2017 Hawaii Kai Ultra Run – XTreme on July 22 & 23

Half Marathon

Daniel Kawamoto
Giovanni Tehotu
Patrick Tuzon
Mana Kea
Diana Rodriguez
Brent Miyagi
James Murphy
Keith Wood
Carol Ann Gelderman
Kengo Yoshimoto
Aaron Isgar
Jewel Bunch
Nathan Hammer
Clay Dial
Teena Crain Szymanski
Angela Sy
Dawn Kimura
Rachelle Manske
Ian Quino Fernandez
Alyse Trejo
Joshua Chang
Lorraine Coder
Therese Kirchner
Rebecca Skinner
20 Miles
Ronnie Vesperas
Rüdiger Rückmann
Mary V. McDonald
Linda Takane
Andrea Palmiotto
Teresa DH Ullman
Thomas Brown
Jason Marquart
50 Mile
Bryan Kodama
Audrey Scott
Reynaldo Ventura
Michael Hee
John Smith
Official Results for the 2015 Hawaii Kai Ultra Run held on December 19, 2015 in Kalama Valley on the island of Oahu:
Congratulations to finishers at the following distances:

  • Barb Abney  –  10 Miles  –  2:32
  • Janice Elsheimer  –  15 Miles  –  5:43
  • Kawika Carlson  –  Half Marathon  –  7:00
  • Seth Elsheimer  –  50K  –  6:40

***** Special recognition goes to Seth Elsheimer: who completed his 50th State Ultramarathon and 200th total marathon/ultra. *****

Finishers of the 2015 Hawaii Kai Ultra Run: Barb Abney, Kawika Carlson, Seth Elsheimer, Janice Elsheimer.


Official Results for the 2014 Hawaii Kai Ultra Run held on December 20 & 21, 2014 in Kalama Valley on the island of Oahu:

Half Marathon

Angela Sy 2:15, Helen Chisum 4:14, Christine Baerwald 2:32, Thomas Sapp 2:26


Eric Osaki 6:26


Ernestine Murata 8:23, Sandra Winter 5:08, Tiffany Evans 5:08, Shelly Cooper 4:34, Marga Genova 5:00, Rosie Adam-Terem 5:20, Jan Johnson 6:27, Aurene Pila 5:18, Glorina Higuchi 5:36, Cathy Chin 5:01, Tin Lung Chao 5:14, Linda Okita 6:26, Gabriel Tom 4:18, Anita Schorlemmer 4:30, Hong Zen 5:27, Danny Bassett 5:09, John Chun 5:09, Andy Hignite 5:11, Alan Odagiri 5:53, Marlon Gomez 6:56, John Castillo 5:34


Les Omura 6:01, Brandi Thomas 7:27, Elijah Hassertt 5:52, Russell Cheney 10:03

50 Miles

Elisa Schasse 11:11, Loren McMillen 12:51, Mike McMillen 13:50


Jo-Anna Syverson 13:28, Jerry Bartolome 13:11


Qualifying for the Marathon Maniacs by running two marathons in two weeks: Cathy Chin, Glorina Higuchi, and Aurene Pila.



Official Results from December 21, 2013:

  • 30K: Helen Chisum
  • Marathon: Eric Osaki
  • 50K: Devin Greene, Loren McMillen, Mike McMillen 
  • 50 Mile: Chet Blanton  and  100K: Jerry Bartolome



Ronnie 50KResults from July 27, 2013:

  • Marathon Finishers:                               Johnny Landeza (5:09)Amy Hough (4:35)
  • 50K Finishers: Eric Osaki (11:45)Ronnie Vesperas (6:57)Noelani Taylor (5:00)Frank MacMillan (8:04)Kent Reisdorff (4:50)Reade Whitney (33&1/3 miles at 6:27)
  • 100 Mile Finisher: Kawika Carlson (36:24)
The Hawaii Kai Ultra Run at Kalama Valley takes place near Sandy Beach in the shadow of Koko Crater on the island of Oahu.

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  1. Madi says:

    Where can I sign up for the December 2018 race?

    1. Hi Madi, Sorry for the delay. The link to register for the HKUR on Dec. 15/16 has just been updated and is at: https://raceroster.com/events/2018/20112/hawaii-kai-ultra-run-kalama-valley-2018
      Please let me know if you have any questions. Aloha, Kawika Carlson

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