Honolulu Marathon Run Clinic – Weeks 12 and 13: October 23 to 29, and October 30 to November 5

Here are Weeks 12 and 13 …
I  will be on vacation in Japan for 10 days.

A couple of great coaches will be filling in while I’m gone. Juan Romero, a former (fast) collegiate runner in California, and cross country coach at Aiea High. And, Jake Garvin – who previously gave us an expert talk on Nutrition, the first week of the clinic. I’m sure they will have some additional tips to share with you in your preparation for the marathon. And, if you have questions for them, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Tuesday October 31st is… Halloween! Enjoy the evening, and be safe.Sunday November 5th… your assignment is to do an adventure run on your own. Make it fun! Wherever you want. And, take pictures to share with everyone. 16 to 20 miles. Go slow, and bring plenty of calories – and either carry water, plan your route with water stops on the way, or stop at a convenience store.

Run 5-6 days a week. On your “off” days, make it an easy run, 20-40 minutes.

Here’s what the next couple weeks will look like:

Week 12
Tuesday (10/24): 6 pm at the Kapiolani Park bandstand
Thursday (10/26) 6 pm at the Kapiolani Park bandstand – guest coach: Juan Romero
Sunday (10/29): 6:30 AM at the Kapiolani Park bandstand for a long run – guest coach: Juan Romero

Week 13
Tuesday (10/31): Happy Halloween! no group training
Thursday (11/2) 6 pm at the Kapiolani Park bandstand – guest coach: Jake Garvin
Sunday (11/5): on your own – assignment: 16 to 20 mile adventure run, take pictures to share.

Happy Running,
Coach Kawika

Team pictures from the recent 30K race at Kapiolani Park.





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Running in the Rain


Today looks like it might be shaping up to be a great evening to run in rain!
I know that sounds weird, however I highly recommend running in the rain as a great training exercise for the marathon. Because based on past Honolulu Marathons in December, there’s about a 50/50 chance that it will rain during the marathon, or at least part of it.

Now is your chance to see how your shoes, socks, and clothing hold up under wet conditions. It’s also good to get used to the rain under a controlled situation (your choice) rather than being caught by surprise at the marathon and freaking out, because you have never run in the rain before. I actually find the rain quite refreshing! And, usually it is a little cooler too.

That being said… please take caution. Wear a reflective vest or belt, and/or carry a flasher or flashlight, so you are seen by drivers. Avoid heavy traffic areas, and areas that are prone to flooding.

Make it a short, easy, and fun run.
Embrace the rain… much as you are learning to embrace the pain! (of long runs….)
Happy Running (in the rain),
Coach Kawika
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Honolulu Marathon Run Clinic – Week 9: October 2 to 8

Welcome to Week 9… 9 more weeks until the Honolulu Marathon.
We’ve reached the half way point!
You’ve come a long way, and yet there’s still a lot more opportunity for improvement.
We’re been building our base mileage and increasing our long runs.
By constantly pushing further, and then allowing our muscles to recover – we’ve built our muscles stronger.
Now, it’s time to shift the focus to speed, while keeping the distance.
To improve our speed, we want to improve our lactic threshold.
LT is the level that waste from energy production accumulates in our muscles faster than we can remove it.
In other words, if you are going too fast – you’re muscles will quickly feel the “burn” and you will want to stop.
The good news is that we can improve our LT, just like we can improve muscle strength.
We will do this by running repeats, intervals, and fast tempo runs. Not so many “easy” days.
Even our long runs will finish by increasing pace for the last 5K/10K, and adding “pick ups” at the end.
That means you will need to continue focusing on your RECOVERY.
Inflammation – ICE anything that hurts. Rest, elevate, compression. Eat anti-inflammatory foods such as tumeric. Also:

  • Quercetin – red onions, grapes, berries, apples, beans (red)
  • Genistein – soybeans (tofu, natto), peanuts, alfalfa sprouts, chickpeas (garbanzo beans)
  • Indole–3-carbinol – cabbage, kale, green tea, Bussels sprouts, broccoli

Vitamin A – fruits and vegetables
Vitamin C – fruits and vegetables
Vitamin E – almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, creamy walnut dressing
Polyphenols – berries
Zinc, Copper, Selenium
Manganese – peanut butter

Get 8+ hours of sleep! Meletonin released during sleep helps to repair your muscles.
I know, I sound like a broken record… however, in the second half it becomes even more important to do all these little things to recover and prevent injury.

I encourage you to run at least an additional two days during the week.
You can make these your easy days. 20 -40 minutes. Even a run/ walk is good.
As a reminder… I also coach on Monday evenings at the GNC Run Club – 5:30 pm at the Ala Moana Shopping Center.
And, the Friday Night Fireworks Run 6pm at Magic Island/ Ala Moana Beach Park. We run, have a potluck, watch fireworks, and have fun!
You are welcome to join either of these runs.

We will have some more expert speakers in the second half...
Yoga and how it can be helpful for runners.
JACO Rehab will talk about stretching and injury prevention.
We will also be meeting again at Ala Moana Shopping Center (Tori Sport),
and have a motivational speaker to help us get pumped up for the marathon.

Of course, we will continue with more adventure long runs.
Also, celebrate Thanksgiving with a Turkey Trot, and run sections of the Honolulu Marathon course.

So, get ready for another 2 months of fun!

Here’s what this week will look like:
Tuesday (10/3): 6 pm at the Kapiolani Park bandstand for hill repeats.
Thursday (10/5) 6 pm at the Kaimuki High School track for Yasso 800’s.
Sunday (10/8): 6:30 am at the Kapiolani Park bandstand for a long run.
Happy Running,
Coach Kawika
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Race Results from September 22, 23 & 24: Sunset Flightline 5K, Ka’u Coffee Trail Run, Ko’olina Triathlon

Race results from around the State of Hawaii for the weekend of September 22, 23 & 24


Sunset Flightline 5K, Oahu:  215 finishers

Men Overall
1st- Tesfaye Wosene  17:31
2nd – Brent Wakuzawa  18:45
3rd – Kengo Yoshimoto  19:21

Women Overall
1st – Tammy Bautista  21:12
2nd – Teresa Haltom  21:57
3rd – Ashton Leckrone  22:28

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20988952_1881210255464345_8211118996354706890_oKa’u Coffee Trail Run, Big Island

5K:  72 finishers
Men 1st – Troy Aukai  22:08
Women 1st – Alexander Keely  23:43

10K:  48 finishers
Men 1st – Kip Nielsen  45:41
Women 1st – Megan Lamson Leatherman  1:01:04

Half Marathon:  56 finishers
Men 1st – Matt Peharda  1:41:40
Women 1st – Bree Wee  1:51:37

Facebook page

More events at ‘O Ka’u Kakou


Race Ko’olina, Oahu

Kids Tri (9 & Under)  24 finishers
1st – Alejandro Vasquez  15:16
2nd – Kelse Snydr  17:01
3rd – Coofer McKenna  17:02
1st – Ariana Thomas  20:05
2nd – Alicia Fritz  20:37
3rd – Kate Napolitan  20:49

Kids Tri (10-14)   25 finishers
1st – Devin Fay  29:14
2nd – Timothy Wiley  30:05
3rd – Zachary Fritz  30:06
1st – Carsen Johnston  27:44
2nd – Kory Johnston  28:56
3rd – Nikki Tabios  30:27

5K Run  89 finishers
1st – Edward Breen  19:52
2nd – Mike Perucci  25:18
3rd – Chris Link  27:39
1st – Katie Famous  22:37
2nd – Melanie Gonzales  26:15
3rd – Uilani Pauole De Sa  26:57

10K Run  88 finishers
1st – Benjamin Williams  36:12
2nd – Jevin Monds  37:29
3rd – Michael Garrison  43:18
1st – Glynis Milne  48:37
2nd – Deborah Yang  53:48
3rd – Margot Sakazaki  54:19


Ko’olina Sprint Triathlon  143 finishers

Men Overall
1st – Ben Williams (1:00:48) Kailua
2nd – Victor Arenas (1:03:24) Kailua
3rd – Brad Fresch (1:04:40) Kailua
Women Overall
1st – Carly Killam (1:08:25) Kailua
2nd – America McColley (1:11:19) Kailua
3rd – Michelle Goldstein  (1:11:43) Honolulu

More races from BOCA Hawaii

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Honolulu Marathon Run Clinic – Week 8: September 25 to October 1


Welcome to Week 8… 10 more weeks until the Honolulu Marathon.
It’s race week!
The third race of the Marathon Readiness Series, the 25K takes place in Kailua on Sunday.
If you are not currently registered, that’s ok. We will have a group training at the same location, starting at Kailua Beach Park.
If you would like to register, the late registration fee is currently $75.
Find more information see bottom:
I DO strongly recommend that you register for the 30K race which takes place at the end of the month on October 22nd.
The regular registration fee is $50 until October 2nd. (see bottom)
It is a very good trial run for the Honolulu Marathon.
You can learn a lot at an organized distance race.
How to manage logistics, parking, transportation, warm up, carbo loading and hydration, restrooms, equipment, pace, aid stations…. just to name a few.
We need to practice everything involved in the race. Because if you show up to the race physically prepared – but, are lacking in one of the other areas… all of your hard training goes to waste.
Tuesday we will be running 3 x 1 mile repeats at your 25K race pace.
How do you know what your 25K race pace should be??
I’ve made up a chart, based on VO2 max.
This indicates what you are capable of running for the full marathon based on oxygen intake.
Keep in mind that we are only about half way through our run clinic.
Therefore, if you fall short right now, don’t worry. You still have a lot of time to gain more fitness.
It’s will be a good test to see where you stand at now.
If this is your first marathon, then don’t worry about time. Just run these repeats at 70% effort and try to keep them all consistent.
(see chart below)
Here’s what this week will look like:
Tuesday (9/26): 6 pm at the Kapiolani Park bandstand for mile repeats at (25K) race pace.
Thursday (9/28) 6 pm at the Kapiolani Park bandstand for an easy run.
Sunday (10/1): 25K race 5:30 am at Kailua Beach Park.
25K pace chart:
Marathon    25K pace/mile
4:00                       8:56
4:15                       9:30
4:30                     10:04
4:45                     10:39
5:00                     11:13
5:15                     11:47
5:30                     12:22
5:45                     12:55
6:00                     13:28
6:30                     14:35
7:00                     15:43
7:30                     16:49
8:00                     17:54
Happy Running,
Coach Kawika

Sunday long run in Nu’uanu Valley

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Race Results from September 16: Front Street Mile/5K/10K, Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run, Cool the Palace 5K


Run Forrest Run Front Street Mile & 5K/10K
5K Men
1st – Christopher Mallard (15:01) Philadelphia, PA
2nd – Mike Bertram (18:07) Lake Forest, CA
3rd – Philip Myers (19:02) Paia, HI
5K Women
1st – Lillian Bertram (21:06) Lake Forest, CA
2nd – Katelyn Escene (21:52) Makawao, HI
3rd – Tia Booker (22:35) Palmetto, GA
5K results
10K Men
1st – Kouki Tajima (34:44) Tokyo, Japan
2nd – Sage Sarchet (37:10) Wailuku, HI
3rd – Ken Hall (39:17) Colleyville, TX
10K Women
1st – Edyta Zylak (45:00) Mount Prospect, IL
2nd – Dana Naylor (46:51) Wailea, HI
3rd – Jordan Benge (47:31) Lahaina, HI
10K results

Mile Division Winners
Boys 8 & Under: Kaden Awad 6:40
Boys 9-10: Cooper Watkins 5:52
Boys 11-12: Enzo Queirolo 5:42
Boys 13-14: Kaeo Keomaka 5:26
Open Men (15-39): Benjamin Auerbach 4:43
Master Men 40+: Clive Lobo 5:26
Girls 8 & Under: Isabella Grossman 7:00
Girls 9-10: Malia Kubinski 6:40
Girls 11-12: Asia Davidson 6:07
Girls 13-14: Madelyn Dougherty 5:41
Mile results

Find other events by Runners Paradise Inc. on Facebook


Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run

5K Men
1st – Christopher Kaiakapu 44:43
2nd – Todd Hadly 55:09
3rd – Jon Barretto 49:38
5K Women
1st – Kealia Bell 52:19
2nd – Elisha Kelley 59:12
3rd – Olivia Engram 1:00:29
10K Men
1st – Nic Clark 1:00:49
2nd – Daniel Gerrity 1:03:15
3rd – Jacob Pembrook 1:05:53
10K Women
1st – Sally Rizzo 1:04:55
2nd – Monica Jacobsma 1:18:28
3rd – Leigh Catherine Hicks 1:20:02

5K – 290 finishers, 10K finishers – 266, Teams – 76
5K results,  10K results,  Team Challenge

UHTR on Facebook


~ photo: Richwell Correa


~ photo: Richwell Correa


Cool the Palace 5K Fun Run/Walkresults



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Weekend Race Preview for September 16 and 17


16 – Run Forest Run Front Street Mile & 5K/10K, Maui

“The Run Forrest Run Front Street Mile is in its 17th year on the beautiful island of Maui.  This flat out and back course along the shoreline in the old whalers town of Lahaina is one of the most popular races on Maui.  Narrow streets and packed crowds in this historical area, makes this a great race for not only the kids, but the adults to.  The mile begins and ends in front of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

We are now happy to announce The Front Street 5k & 10k.  These are brand new events, which will also start and finish in front of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.  This is a fast flat course from beginning to end and the finish will be amazing.  These events are for all levels.”  ~ Runners Paradise Inc.


Start of the Front Street Mile ~ photo: courtesy of runnersparadiseinc.com

16 – The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run, Kauai

“The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run Foundation hosts a 10k, a 5k, or a 5k Team run option through the untouched mountains of Kauai. Pristine, private lands of the Knudsen Trust family are available solely to this event. The trails have been cut through the hard work of the Garden Island Motor Cycle Club, a non-profit organization that has been established on island for over 60 years.

The run boasts incredible panoramic views and terrain that is exclusively accessible to trail run participants. You can run solo, or with a team, but either way prepare to be challenged by muddy slopes, uphill climbs, and trails designed by the the diverse tropical weather that the island of Kauai provides. ” ~ The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run Foundation


Runners are off at the start of the 5K of the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run. ~ photo: Bill Buley/ The Garden Island

16 – Cool the Palace 5K Fun Run/Walk + Movie, Big Island

Proceeds to Benefit the Palace Air Conditioning Fund!

Race Location: Starts at Kama’aina Nissan Dealership in Keaukaha and Finishes at the Palace Theater.

There will be a shuttle service to Kama’aina Nissan provided by KapohoKine Adventures starting at 2:45pm at the corner of Haili St. and Kam Ave. (right in front of Once in Hilo Boutique Gallery). The Last Shuttle will leave at 3:30pm.

Proceeds to Benefit the Palace Air Conditioning Fund!

Race Location: Starts at Kama’aina Nissan Dealership in Keaukaha and Finishes at the Palace Theater.

There will be a shuttle service to Kama’aina Nissan provided by KapohoKine Adventures starting at 2:45pm at the corner of Haili St. and Kam Ave. (right in front of Once in Hilo Boutique Gallery). The Last Shuttle will leave at 3:30pm.



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