Sunday Long Run August 14

A quick note regarding the Sunday Long Run – Norman Tamanaha 15K (9 miles)

More information at:

Race starts at 6 am near the bandstand in Kapiolani Park. Arrive Early!

I like to get there between 4:45 and 5 am. This allows you to easily find parking and get warmed up – 15 to 20 minutes. Light dynamic stretches (like our drills).

Parking is on Monsarrat Ave. at Kapiolani Park and the Waikiki Shell parking lots. And, the overflow lot near Paki Ave.

There are a couple more parking lots on Paki Ave.

We will have a white canopy tent near the finish line where you can leave things. Coach Kawika will be there the entire time.

If you are not registered, this route will be our Long Run. Please do not use the aid stations or cross the finish line.

If you are just starting your training and not up to this distance, then turn around more early, and come back. Run/ walk is good.

Please practice taking in calories and water. It’s short enough where you don’t really need to – however, start training your stomach.

I like to take in 100 calories (1 gel) every 20 minutes. Wash it down with some water.

Questions?? call or text Coach Kawika 808-462-1313

Route: Start your Honolulu Marathon preparation with this beautiful 15K course that covers the midcourse and finishing sections of the marathon route. The race begins in Kapiolani Park and heads over scenic Diamond Head, continues around the crater until you come to a right turn on to 18th Ave. Then right on Kilauea Ave to the Aloha Gas Station and follows the marathon route on Kahala Ave back to the finish line in Kapiolani Park.

Join us for the Friday Night Fireworks Run 6 pm at Magic Island. Potluck at 7. Fireworks at 8. Everyone welcome!

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