Sunday Long Run (Oct 30) 6 am Ala Moana Beach Park

Sunday we will be running up the Pali for the Long Run. 15 miles if you are training for the marathon. If you are not, then turn around at any point to fit your training plan.

We will be leaving Ala Moana Beach Park at 6 am, so please meet up near the Magic Island parking lot 10-15 minutes early to get ready.

Please bring water and/or a calorie drink, and bars or gels with you – to practice fueling your body. There’s a drinking fountain at the Kawananakoa Playground, and a restroom and drinking fountains at Nuuanu Valley Park. However, they are not always working. So, be prepared just in case. It often rains going up the Pali, whether there is rain in the forecast or not. That’s ok. Practice running in the rain. The route going up is simple. Ala Moana Beach Park to the Aloha Tower and up Nuuanu Street all the way to the end. Return the same way.
For those of you who know where Kaniakapūpū (Kamehameha III Summer Palace) is, please share with others. It’s a cool little side adventure.

Afterwards, do some light stretching and jump in the water to cool off if you like. Bring some fruit or snacks and a cold drink for afterwards. Then throughout the day make sure to refuel with some healthy foods to speed your recovery.

Map link:

Distance options (roundtrip):
4.5 miles – Aloha Tower
7 miles – Kawananakoa Playground (Nuuanu & Kuakini)
10 miles – Nuuanu Valley Park
15 miles – end of Nuuanu Pali Road (Lulumahu Trailhead)

Future Marathon Training – Sunday Long Run Schedule:

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