Training Schedule Week of Oct 24 to 30

Congratulations to those that finished the Boca 30K (18.6 miles) race this past weekend. For some, it was there longest run ever!
Andy Yu was 2nd place overall. Wow! With a time of 1:58. Great run!!
Michael Cacal 4th in his age group. Yukio Ushida 4th, and Al Chun 1st… at the age of 80!

Paige Maas finished 3rd in her age group. Debbie Nelson 2nd, and Keiko Shinozuka 4th. 

Next up…. the Honolulu Marathon on December 11th. However, there are other races of all distances before then.

For those of you training for the marathon – you should try to run at least 5-6 days a week for the rest of this month. And, then 6-7 days during the month of November.
Suggested marathon training (35 to 80 miles):
1 day of interval speedwork or hills (2 to 3.5 miles at 80 to 90 percent effort level, not including warm up/ cool down) , 
1 medium distance tempo run (8 to 12 miles at 70 percent)
1 medium distance run (10 to 14 miles at an easy pace of 50 to 60 percent)
1 long run (15 to 20 miles)
Other days are easy for 40 minutes to an hour
Try to alternate days: hard and easy. However, it’s ok to do two hard days in a row as long as you take two consecutive recovery days. If you are feeling tired, it’s ok to start out on an easy run and then see how you are feeling after that.

It’s also time to step up your nutrition. Feed your body good foods. Focus on veggies, fruits, beans, and grains. A really good checklist is Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen, which is also an app that you can download to your phone:
(He even recommends about an hour of exercise every day!)

Important! Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night to let your body recover properly. My formula used to be 8 hours plus 1 minute for the number of miles I ran that week. Example: 50 weekly miles run. Then sleep 8 hours and 50 minutes every night. Power naps are also ok. Try to find a quiet, dark place.

HRP Training Schedule
(10/24) Monday Morning Training Run 6:30 am at Kaimana Beach Park. Start the week off on the right foot with a run around the park or Diamond Head.

(10/25) TNT: Tuesday Night Training 6 pm at Ala Moana Beach Park. Explosive workout! Meet near lifeguard tower 1E and the Magic Island parking lot.

(10/27) Thursday QK Run Club 6 pm at the Queen Kapiolani Hotel. Meet us in the main lobby for a steady paced tempo run around the Park or Diamond Head. Drills are at the Queen statue. Choose from 2 to 4.5 miles. Park at the Kapiolani Park/Waikiki Shell and jog/walk over for a warm up.

(10/28) Friday Night Fireworks Run 6 pm Food, Fun, Fireworks! Look for our canopy tent on the Magic Island shoreline facing Waikiki. Walk or run. Potluck gathering afterwards. 7:45 pm fireworks.

(10/29) Saturday Kapiolani Park 5K Run: 7 am at the bandstand. Run for time, or run/walk for fun! Course is 1&1/2 times around the park.

(10/30 ) Sunday Long Run: 6 am at Ala Moana Beach Park. 10 to 15 mile run up Nuuanu Valley

Future Marathon Training – Sunday Long Run Schedule:

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Congratulations Debbie Nelson 2nd in age group, Andy Yu 2nd place overall, and Paige Maas 3rd in age group.
Sunday Long Run was the Boca Hawaii 30K at Kapiolani Park. For some, it was their longest run ever!

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