Sunday Long Run Nov 20


Meet us 6 am in front of the Kapiolani Park tennis courts

There is free street parking in the meters until 10 am. Across the street on the ocean side if you can find a place. Or, in the Waikiki Shell parking lot.

We will have a canopy tent set up as an aid station with water, gatorade, and gummies. You can leave your things there as Coach Kawika (and Kalani) will be there the entire time.

The run is scheduled as a 20 to 24 miler. It’s our longest run of the year.

If you have run a marathon before and are basically injury free you can run 24 miles. If it’s your first marathon, or are nursing a minor injury, I suggest you run 20 (or less).

If you are not training for the marathon, join us for the mileage that is in your own personal training plan.

Each loop is 2.9 miles. Therefore:

24 miles is 8 loops (+ a .4 mile out and .4 back warm up)

20.3 miles is 7 loops

I suggest that you run the first loops at a very easy pace. Take your time, take some short walk breaks, and stop at the aid station. 

Then try to run the last two loops at your marathon pace.

google map link:

There is a directional map attached below with the turns indicated by number.

Extra credit challenge: start slow and try to run each loop progressively faster

(Hint: You have to run a little faster… but, not too fast. Because the next one has to be faster yet.)

On the other hand, if you are getting bored… you can run around Diamond Head to Triangle Park and back.

The Mid-Pacific Roadrunners Club will have an aid station set up there (with cookies) starting at 6 am.

It’s all a matter of attitude. I personally love this run. Get in a groove and just let it flow.

Questions?? Call/text Coach Kawika 808-462-1313


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