Beach to Beach Run Sept 18


Join us this Sunday, September 18for a Beach to Beach Run. It’s our Long Run for the week.

Please RSVP to this google doc:

Approximately 15 miles from Kailua Beachto Ala Moana Beach Park.

We will try to split up into different pace groups as best as possible.

Or, shorter versions:

a) 6 miles from Kailua Beach to the Pali Lookout – all uphill

b) 9 miles from the Pali Lookout to Ala Moana Beach Park – all downhill.

If you don’t want to run that far, but want to help out – join us as a support crew.

Meet up at 5:45 am at Ala Moana Beach Park/Magic Island parking lot and we’ll carpool to the Lookout & Kailua Beach.

Or, meet up 6:30 directly at Kailua Beach Park Parking Lot on Kawailoa Rd across from Buzz’s. 

Kailua Beach Parking Lot:

We’ll leave for the Pali at 6:45 am, or as soon as we can get ready.

FB Event link:

Please bring water/drinks and gels/calories to carry with you. We will have some aid available at the lookout. There is very little else available in between.
Questions?? call/text Coach Kawika 808-462-1313

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