Hawaii Kai Ultra Run – XTreme 2020 Finishers

Congratulations to the 30 finishers this year!
From 10K to 100 miles.
60% were Ultra distance and above. 40% were 10K, Half and Marathon.

Here are the results:
Frank MacMillen 50K 12:57
Chet “the Jet” Blanton 100 miles 32:33:00
Al Tod 52 miles
Brendan Nichols 50K 7:43:31
Christopher Brown 100K 13:09:50
Ong Weng 30 miles
Jeremy Killeen 50 miles 11:03:20
Randy Ramos 50 miles 9:40:50
Annette D. Geringer 53 miles 21:17:53
Hunter Bondurant Half Marathon 1:28:26
Charlie Stewart Half Marathon 1:59:56
Stephen Hinds Half Marathon 1:59:56
Alfred Chun Half Marathon 2:50
Catherine Ghourani Half Marathon 2:37:18
Adam Raygoza 10K
Rudiger Ruckmann Marathon
Andy Kouniburakis 50K 7:30
Cynthia Rice Half Marathon 3:15
Levi Barlow Half Marathon 1:59:52
Javier Santolalla 50K 5:35
Chavis Rose 50K 6:40
Rob Mora 50K 8:48:15
Julia Mora 50K 8:48:15
Sean T. Woods 50K 5:08
Salemanesa Apelu Half Marathon 3:36
Chris Piha 50K 5:50:21
Ronnie Vesperas 20 miles
Mason Speak 50K 5:54:47
Peng Ratchaworapong 50K 6:45
Christopher Kenney Half Marathon 2:29

Congratulations to Chet “the Jet” Blanton finisher of 100 miles at age 62. He finished his first 100 at age 18. That make 44 years in between and puts him #4 on the world-wide longevity list. Amazing!

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