When we look in the mirror, that’s what we see – all the things we’ve eaten. Want to know what shape you’re in? Just think back to everything you consumed over the past week. There’s your answer.

Now, let’s talk about the big, fresh, leafy green salad loaded with raw vegetables and nuts you had for lunch, or the organic berry smoothie you just made. Or was it a bacon double cheeseburger and jelly doughnut or some other manufactured fake food, and some heavily sugared or – even worse – chemically sweetened carbonated liquid candy to wash it down? These questions are the beginning of all wisdom when it comes to nutrition – or, even better eating.

Want a Superlife?
Read Darin Olien’s book and learn the 5 Simple fixes that will make you HEALTHY, FIT, and ETERNALLY AWESOME.
Order here:

Or, if you live on Oahu, I’ll loan you my copy.
Better yet, join us every week at the Hawaii Running Project and we’ll help motivate you to a super life!  😀

Tonight 6 pm we meet at the Queen Kapiolani Hotel. Free parking available at the Kapiolani Park/Waikiki Shell parking lot.

Call or Message Coach Kawika at 808-462-1313

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