Marathon Training 2019 – Week 4 (August 26 to Sept. 1)

Q: Is it too late to start?
A: No, you can start training with us anytime… it’s never too late!
Q: Do I have to be signed up for the marathon to run with you?
A: No, we have all different levels of running. From those trying to lose weight and get back in shape, to those trying to set a marathon PR.
Walkers, keiki, and baby strollers have trained with us.

Welcome to Week 4 of Marathon Training.
This week we will have the second race of the Marathon Readiness Series on Sunday.
If your goal is to run the Honolulu Marathon in December, I highly recommend that you run this 20K race.
More info here:
It is another stepping stone, and a great learning experience. From carbo loading and resting the day before, to race morning logistics, to race pacing, and learning how to fuel up during the race.
It’s a another chance to make mistakes. That sounds funny… however, I feel the greatest learning comes from our mistakes. If everything goes perfect, then we just assume that we did everything correctly – even though it might have been good luck. (That is great too, but we shouldn’t come to depend on that.)
Anyway, this is another opportunity for you to dial in which gels, bars, or energy drinks work well with your body. How early to go to sleep the night before, so you can get up early the morning of. And, so on…
I will be sending out some suggestions for the race weekend later on.

For those of you not running the race... it’s a long way to Barber’s Point for a training run and/or to cheer on the runners. However, you may live in the area – or you might want to spend the day at White Plains Beach. If so, come out and join us for the morning.
An alternate long run will take place in town. 
7 am at Ala Moana Beach Park for 8 miles. (Or, less if you are not up to that distance yet.) Meet up at our normal place near the lifeguard tower and come prepared with some water and calories.

Our week will look something like this:
Tuesday (8/27) 6 pm at Kaimuki HS for a1 Mile time trial. 
Thursday (8/29) 6 pm at Queen Kapiolani Hotel for a steady tempo run.
Friday (8/30) no Fireworks Run scheduled this week…
Sunday (9/1) Marathon Readiness Series 25K 6 AM at Kalaeloa.
Alternate Run: 7 AM at Ala Moana Beach Park for a long run. Meet near lifeguard tower 1E and the restrooms. Parking available in the Magic Island Parking lot.

Words of Inspiration for this week:
Mistakes are stepping stones to wisdom. we learn from trial and error, we become wise by understanding problems. ~ Leon Brown, New York Mets

Nutritional Tip of the Day
Carbs are good for you! 
In fact, as a runner and athlete – they are your primary fuel. As a human being, they are key to long life and energy. Share this with your family and friends.
Blue Zones:
They studied the longest-lived cultures around the world and found nine things in common that lead to longer, healthier, happier lives.
Diet – was one of those important areas. And, it turns out that diets that are plant based and high in carbs are the healthiest.
For example in Okinawa, Japan – which has the longest life expectancy and has the highest percentage of centenarians (100+ years) and super-centenarian (110+) in the world, 70 % of the diet comes from purple sweet potatoes. So, all we have to do is eat Okinawan Sweet Potatoes and we are guaranteed to live a long, happy life? Well, it’s not quite that simple – and there are many other factors involved. However, a simple diet based on mostly unrefined foods, low in fat, and a modest amount protein, will go a long way on the road to a healthy life.
(See the chart below)
Hammer Nutrition has a good article about using fuel for an endurance event – such as a marathon.
In this article, you will notice a similarity… rather than fueling exclusively on simple sugars… (like gels and Gatorade), a mixture of complex carbs – which helps with better absorption, and small amount of protein – for endurance, has been proven to be the best combination.
So, you remember that recipe that I sent to you last week for rice balls? Turns out it is great fuel for the marathon as it is both low in fat, and has a modest amount of protein.
Check out this chart here:
Brown rice is 87% carbs, 6% fat, and 7% protein. A perfect combination. 

Happy Running and Carbo-loading,
Coach Kawika

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