Spring Run and Walk Clinic

We’re kicking off the * Spring Run and Walk Clinic * with an Orientation on Tuesday March 20 at 6 pm.
Meet Coach Kawika and the other runners and walkers in this group.
All levels are welcome, including walkers and youth.
We will split into different groups.

Get in shape…
or, train for a Half Marathon. There are plenty of them this Spring… including the Windward (March), Hapalua Half (April), Hibiscus (May), Kahakuloa (June/Maui).

The Clinic will continue for 10 weeks, every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 pm, and Sunday 7 am, until May 27.

We will have expert speakers throughout the clinic to teach us about shoes and equipment, proper running form, drills, nutrition, stretching, recovery, injury prevention, pacing, and more.

Be prepared for a short run or walk following the Orientation.





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