Hawaii Finishers at the Boston Marathon

Tim, Johnny, Mike, and Robert celebrate at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. ~ photos: Johnny Landeza

Kit Smith at age 76, finishing in 4:15 was an impressive 2nd place in his division. Other top division finishers included Stephen Williams 14th and Halina Zaleski 38th. Alan Ryan 58th in his division, was the first finisher from Hawaii in 2:48 as a master runner, and the first woman was Kristina Ingvarsson in 3:13. Toni Mingo Kruse finished in 4:41 only eight months after having a baby.

Overall it was quite a race. The fastest marathon time ever recorded was run by Geoffry Mutai in… get this – 2:03:02. Nearly a minute faster than Haile Gebrselassie’s World Record. American Ryan Hall pushed the pace for most of the race and wound up with an American best time of 2:04:58 finishing in 4th place. On the women’s side Desiree Davilla made sure that everyone finished on “dead legs”. She nearly won the race, coming up 2 second short in a sprint finish. Both of her competitors fell to the ground immediately after the race. Her 2nd place was the best American finish since 1993.

Congratulations to all finishers from Hawaii at the Boston Marathon.


Kristina Ingvarsson  3:13:24

Lindsey Wilbur  3:17:35

Bel Wray  3:22:26

Ali Herd  3:23:08

Jennifer Tom  3:24:44

Tammy Bautista  3:28:56

Sarah Slay  3:30:37

Amy Bugala  3:31:32

Rebecca Williams  3:32:25

Karen Dixon  3:32:51

Karen Finnerty  3:37:22

Angela Kwong  3:42:27

Wakaba Stephens  3:45:54

Angela Sy  3:48:59

Quinn Michie-Horner  4:04:27

Halina Zaleski  4:13:22

Barbara Dyer  4:15:46

Linda Takane  4:18:35

Sara Verga  4:29:56

Estelle Imamura  4:38:05

Toni Kruse Mingo  4:41:21

Judith Inazu 4:54:55

Lilian Kanai  5:08:35

Brenda Yim  5:08:35

Annie Marshall  5:11:39

Rosemary Adam-Terem  5:52:35


Alan Ryan  2:48:58

William Gardner  2:59:02

Rod Huddleston  3:12:51

Albert Su  3:13:31

Reed Okamura  3:15:22

Robert Gardiner  3:16:57

Randy Taniguchi  3:18:05

Johnny Landeza  3:18:54

Stephen Williams  3:19:16

Andrew Chong  3:23:11

James Martindale  3:23:38

Michael Miller  3:26:44

Robert Plotts  3:34:59

Scott Pendergast  3:37:38

John Antonio  3:46:03

Mike Kasamoto  3:46:44

Frederick Mark  3:48:02

Joe O’Brien  3:54:54

William Byrns  3:57:26

Joey Sena  4:03:24

Paul Dower  4:06:44

John Wat  4:09:38

John Ishikawa  4:10:58

Todd Tamanaha  4:11:13

Kit Smith  4:15:43

Robert Lash  4:55:32

Joseph Rothstein  5:00:38

Rosemary, Johnny, and Angela are all smiles after earning their finishers medal at the 115th running of the Boston Marathon.

For complete coverage of the 115th running of the Boston marathon:  http://raceday.baa.org/Default.html

Searchable results:  http://raceday.baa.org/searchable-results.html


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